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At Lana's Juice Bar we believe in the guiding principle, “Beauty is an inside job”.  Striving to create relationships with local and sustainable businesses, we apply an ultra-disciplined approach when creating our cold pressed juices, life-enhancement shots, superfood smoothies, smoothie bowls and prepared foods for our clients. Trying to change the perception that healthy eating is boring and flavorless, we apply our multiple travels, health and fitness education and culinary backgrounds to create tasty treats for those healthy minded people with a busy lifestyle. We use only the highest quality, local and sustainable ingredients and are sure to compost and recycle whenever possible. In addition to our raw cold pressed juices and elixir shots for specific ailments, we offer 1 and 3 day raw cold pressed juice cleanses revised by licensed nutritionists and Naturopathic Doctors.

Nutritional Information: Cold Pressed Juice

100% Cold Pressed Juice

Lana's Juice Bar juices are not subjected to heat, high-speed aeration, preservatives, pasteurization or additives. Compared to more common juicing methods (i.e. centrifugal style machines) the nutritional integrity of the juice is far greater ensuring that live nutrients and enzymes are kept intact.

Less than 5% fructose (sugar) in every cleanse.

Lana's Juice Bar Cleanse blends to contain less than 5% fructose (sugar) – this protects blood glucose levels (insulin sensitivity) and encourages the deepest cleanse experience promoting fat burning.

Passion, commitment and integrity

We are exceptionally passionate about our products. We are 100% committed to creating the best quality juice from the best quality produce and continue to research and innovate our blends.

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